Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grandmother Despina

"Grandmother Despina" - an 1905 movie produced by the Manaki brothers. Despina, recorded weaving, was the Janaki and Milton Manaki's grandmother.

Aromanians in the Republic of Macedonia

Fragments from the Wikipedia entry on Aromanians in the Republic of Macedonia (visit it for more details and bibliography):

Minority Status
The Aromanians are an officially recognised minority group in the Republic of Macedonia. The Aromanian language is taught among Aromanian students and the language is co-official in the Krusevo municipality. Aromanian language media is available, and regular television and radio broadcasts in the Aromanian language help to ensure its survival. The national day of the Aromanians in Macedonia is May 23.

Many forms of Aromanian language media have been established since the 1990s. The Macedonian Government provides financial assistance to Aromanian language newspapers and radio stations. Aromanian language newspapers such as Pheonix (Aromanian: Fenix) service the Aromanian community. The Aromanian television program Spark (Aromanian: Scanteao, Macedonian: Искра) broadcasts on Macedonian Radio-Television.

To conclude... thumbs up! Will it turn out that the spirit of these positive developments involving the aromanians is contagious? Only time will tell.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Andrei Şaguna (1809-1873)

Armânul Andrei Şaguna (1809-1873) – baron, mitropolit, întemeietor al învăţământului universitar ortodox din Transilvania, membru al Senatului Imperial din Viena, deputat în Dieta Transilvaniei, membru de onoare al Academiei Române, şi preşedinte de onoare al Societăţii Transilvania din Bucureşti.