Monday, February 22, 2010

Farsherotii dit Grtsie/Vlachs of Greece - a glimpse of their life

"Gramaticuva is surely not the only village to cherish the memory of Aromanian schools and church, or their unbrakeable link with their Northern bros"... (YT source).

The Mioriţa ballad...

Exceptional interpretations of the Romanian ballad Mioriţa. The first one ( YT source): Mioriţa/Archaic epic ballad. Interpretation: the "Ştefan-Vodă" group.

The second one (YT source): Mioriţa sung by Tudor Gheorghe (English subtitles):

Mioriţa - as recorded by Vasile Alecsandri (in Romanian).
An 1913 English translation by Sophie Jewett.